Take out cheap loans : you can quickly find cheap loan offers

Today there are many possible reasons to take out a loan. Whether it concerns consumer wishes, debt restructuring or the financing of important replacement purchases – with a cheap loan, all this is no longer a problem. If you want to secure particularly attractive terms, an online loan is a right solution for you. Direct banks and internet banks often do not have expensive branch networks and can, therefore, provide their loans at significantly cheaper interest rates.

Take advantage of these benefits and look forward to the opportunity to get the liquidity you need quickly and cheaply! With us, you can request your financing directly in just a few steps and after a few minutes, you will also receive loan approval. In our comparison, we also carry out such loans that are paid directly to your account on the same day!

Why choose a loan from Good Credit?


Especially when it comes to getting a cheap and above all serious credit quickly, you are right in our comparison! We checked all providers in advance for their reliability and you can, therefore, be sure that you will get your credit here from reputable providers. Most of the providers you will surely already know and that.

Others may not tell you much about the name yet. Just because these direct banks do little to promote their brand in public doesn’t mean that they don’t have competitive credit offers. Just take a look at our calculator and let the wide range of Good Credit convince you. With us, you will surely find your new loan at top conditions!

With our loan comparison, you have the opportunity to compare the terms of different providers and thus identify the cheapest loan. The loan calculator shows you the monthly installment and the interest costs for the desired combination of loan amount and term. In this way, you can use four decisive advantages as an interested party:

Market transparency – the cornerstone for cheap offers

The comparison of the various loans shows you quickly and clearly which conditions are currently available on the market and which offers to prove to be particularly cheap. This enables you to evaluate all loan offers according to particularly cheap and rather expensive providers. The comparison often shows how much cheaper online loans can be compared to offers from your own bank.

Time savings – you can quickly find cheap loan offers

“ manual ” comparison of many banks and their loan offers would take a lot of time and effort. Our loan comparison gives you all the data at a glance and allows you to quickly decide on the right loan. In addition, the loans are paid out very quickly, so that you can have the desired amount of money soon.

Low-interest rates – you save a lot of money

The most important advantage is that you can save a lot of money in the end. To illustrate the savings, we would like to show you the following example:

This example shows very impressively the financial difference that interest rate differences ultimately bring. In this calculation, it is 728 dollars in 4 years for the same loan amount!

Online loans can generally be used very flexibly

If you carry out a credit comparison with us, you can select the purpose beforehand and thus have the opportunity to use loans for very different uses. The following options are available:

  • New and used car financing
  • Modernization and renovation
  • Debt rescheduling
  • motorcycle
  • Travel / vacation

If your loan request does not match any of the uses, you can of course still choose the free use. So there are no limits to flexibility.

Good Credit Tip: If you pursue one of the selectable purposes with the borrowed money, please state it. While you are not required to do so, banks sometimes offer cheaper loans. Debt rescheduling or car loans, in particular, can be obtained more cheaply because there is a counter value to the loan amount (car, repayment of the old loan). Banks often reward this with interest deductions.

How does a credit comparison work for us?

How does a credit comparison work for us?

Our credit comparison is very intuitive and almost self-explanatory. All you have to do at the beginning is:

  1. Select the desired term
  2. Specify the loan amount required
  3. State the intended use
  4. Click the “Compare Now” button
  5. Explore the offers
  6. Choose the best loan for you
  7. Submit a loan application to the respective loan provider

How do I find the best offer in the loan comparison?

If you look at the various loan offers, the question naturally arises as to which one will bring you the most interesting loan. Basically, it can be said that you should, of course, look above all at interest rates. Overall, however, there are some crucial questions for you, which we will explain below.

How can I optimize the monthly rate?

The monthly installment determines the amount of money you have to spend each month to repay the loan. If you want to optimize the repayment rate, you should be aware of two important connections:

  1. The rate depends on the term and the amount of the loan
  2. The longer the term, the higher the total interest charge

You can rarely influence the loan amount because you often need a certain amount of money for your project. It is, therefore, possible to change the rate by extending or reducing the term.

If you take another look at the cheap offer from the example above (10,000 dollars at 3.99% per year), you will notice the following regarding the amount of the installment depending on the term:

The rising interest costs when extending the term result from the fact that you pay interest longer. For this reason, you should always choose the rate so that it enables the fastest possible repayment. Nevertheless, this should, of course, be within your financial means.

What role does the effective interest rate play and what does it mean?

Whenever you compare loans, you should always choose the effective interest rate as a benchmark. In contrast to the conventional borrowing rate, this also includes any ancillary costs such as agency fees or account management fees. In addition, the effective interest rate is a legally defined figure and is therefore subject to clear evaluation criteria. So always pay attention to the effective interest or annual percentage rate. The loan with the lowest effective interest rate also harbors the lowest costs for you!

When do special repayments make sense?

Special repayments enable you to make additional repayments in addition to the agreed repayment. This means that you become debt-free faster and also lower your interest costs using the mechanism presented above. Today, more and more online banks are offering free special repayments, which makes them particularly lucrative. In this way, you save any prepayment penalty.

What needs to be considered when applying for a loan?

What needs to be considered when applying for a loan?

If you want to take out a loan online, there are additional aspects to consider. We would now like to introduce these to you in more detail:

data security

With the loan application, you often provide the chosen bank with an overview of your financial situation. For this reason, it is important that the data transfer is done securely. A good indication is the HTTPS encryption, which you can check in the browser line above. We only work with banks that can guarantee you secure data transmission.

Your credit rating as a borrower

Borrowing is only possible if you as a borrower meet certain credit rating requirements. Above all, this includes flawless SCHUFA information (no negative entries) and sufficient monthly income. You will only receive the loan from the bank if you are able to repay the loan installments.

When is a second borrower worthwhile?

A second borrower is always interesting if the borrower’s creditworthiness is insufficient. Often, a second borrower makes borrowing possible in the first place. In addition, as a couple, you should consider getting two loans when both are working. This improves the overall credit rating and thus the individual conditions for your loan.

What data do I need?

In addition to personal data, information about your employment situation and your income situation are required when making a credit request. On the basis of this information, online banks can already assess whether a loan is realistic for you. In this way, for example, a subject to an immediate commitment proves to be possible. If the documents you send confirm your information, you can almost certainly count on the money at the time of the loan application.

What is a household bill?

The household bill helps you to estimate the available monthly sum of money. If you know how much money you can use freely per month, you can determine the possible loan rate per month.

Is residual debt insurance worthwhile?

Residual debt insurance covers your loan repayment if you can no longer pay it yourself due to unemployment or incapacity to work. In addition, death protection is often integrated. However, since the relatively high costs are in addition to the effective interest rate, such hedging is only worthwhile in a few cases:

Large loan amounts: Small loans can still be paid off if necessary, even if you are unemployed or unable to work. A high loan amount is more difficult. Residual debt insurance could, therefore, make sense here.

Long terms: The longer the term, the higher the likelihood that something unforeseen will happen. So if you take out a loan with terms of 6 years and more, the insurance is at least worth considering. However, you should also check the individual case here.

How is legitimation done?

If you take out a loan online, the respective bank requires confirmation that the information you have provided is correct. Ultimately, this eliminates personal contact between bank employees and borrowers. That is why there are two common identification methods today:

Good Finance procedure: The classic variant is by post. You will receive a coupon and use it and your identity card or passport to go to the nearest post office. There an employee compares the data and confirms to the bank that they really exist.

Video ident procedure: With this procedure, you make a video chat with a post office or bank employee on your smartphone. Hold your ID document there and confirm your identity. The video ident process only takes a few minutes and often a confirmation PIN is entered at the end.

When will the money be paid out?

You will normally receive your money within 3-7 days. However, there are also special urgent loans with a fully digital application. If everything goes smoothly, they will be paid out within 24-48 hours. The time saved results from, particularly quick processing and the fact that you, the borrower, hand in all documents and your signature in digital form. This saves you the tedious post and you can have the money you need faster.

What loans can you compare on Good Credit?

What loans can you compare on Good Credit?

We offer you the opportunity to compare many different types of loans on Good Credit:

car loan

Would you like to finance a new car or a used car? No problem, because our car loan comparison enables you to quickly find the cheapest possible financing. Enter the car purchase as the intended purpose in the credit comparison and the offers will be filtered accordingly.

small loan

Every now and then, only a small loan amount is needed to make a replacement purchase or to pay for a repair. Our small loan comparison is just right in this case. Find your loan with a sum of fewer than 5,000 dollars.

installment loan

The conventional installment loan without a special purpose is the classic financing option. Before you do this, briefly determine the desired loan amount and the term and find your cheap installment loan!

Online credit

Online loans are loans that you take out online. Thus, all offers from our loan comparison are actually online loans. Benefit from the advantages such as particularly low-interest rates and a quick credit decision!

Personal loans

Whether from a private individual or from a bank, personal loans are a good opportunity to get much-needed liquidity. Use our personal loan comparison and borrow money at attractive conditions!

officials credit

Are you a civil servant or civil servant? Thanks to your secure position, you have the option of receiving loans at, particularly attractive conditions. Our official loan comparison shows you the cheapest offers in this area!

modernization credit

Do your four walls need modernization? Whether energetic renovation or new interior fittings – a modernization loan is exactly the right choice. The loans do not have to be secured by a mortgage. In our credit comparison, you will find correspondingly cheap offers. Enter the modernization in our comparison calculator as a purpose, to benefit from special offers!

motorcycle credit

Would you like to fulfill your dream of a motorcycle and are you looking for suitable financing? Our motorcycle loan comparison offers you a good overview and favorable conditions. Simply specify the purchase as the intended purpose and find attractive financing!

debt restructuring

Do you have to pay off an expensive loan and want to change that? Debt restructuring is just the thing. Use our loan comparison for debt rescheduling and thereby replace expensive old obligations. To get special offers for a debt rescheduling in the loan comparison, you only need to set the purpose accordingly: It’s worth it!

instant credit

Do you need a certain amount of money within a very short time? In this case, you should take a look at our instant loan comparison. Loans with a fully digital application are often paid out within 1-3 days. Take advantage of this opportunity and look forward to quick money on favorable terms!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online loans?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online loans?

Online loans are structurally the same as installment loans from the house bank, but there are still some differences. Online installment loans have their deficits, especially when it comes to on-site contact. At the same time, however, this is precisely why they offer particularly favorable conditions for consumers. For a better overview, the advantages and disadvantages are clearly shown in a table:

Does a loan make sense for me at all?

A loan helps you to obtain the necessary liquidity for certain projects or simply to bridge financial bottlenecks. Nevertheless, lending is not always sensible. The following table compares situations in which borrowing makes sense and situations in which it is not recommended:

The possible loan amount depends primarily on the amount of money that is available to you monthly to repay loan installments. In a first step, use the household bill to determine the possible rate:

With a household bill, you create a small personal balance sheet. In doing so, you calculate the income against the monthly expenses. We recommend that you take all liabilities into account. If you want to apply for the loan, these should be complete. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary delays in approval and, in the worst case, even a loan refusal.