Is it worth applying for a loan

You probably associate the green logo with the word Good Credit. I think you passed a sign with such an inscription on your way, and maybe you even wanted to use their services. I admit that I used it, although it was a few years ago. Customers sometimes joke that it’s a cash leap?

Seriously, Good Credit are financial institutions that are not banks, only cooperatives and have been operating in Poland for over 25 years.

The first Credit Unions in Poland was established in 1992. In the following years, credit unions increased like mushrooms after the rain. They found a niche, i.e. customers who were excluded from the banking sector.

Only cash register members can use the offered products

Only cash register members can use the offered products

Do you think you can enter the first branch of Good Credit and get a loan or open a deposit? Not so fast…. To be able to use the services of this institution, you must become a member and pay fees in this respect. The amount of fees depends on the particular Cooperative Fund.

Each member of the Cashier is obliged to:

  • pay the entry fee (from 1 to 60 USD)
  • buy at least one share (from 1 to 30 USD)
  • make a membership contribution (from 1 to 25 USD)

Offer for Members

Cash registers offer is poorer than banks, for example Good Credits do not keep currency accounts and do not deal with brokerage activities. However, the statistical Good Credit can invest savings or borrow money.


  • settlement and savings accounts with Internet access (so-called eGood Credit),
  • savings accounts,
  • credit cards,
  • Insurance,
  • loans (even for 10 years),
  • loan.

Good Credit -in numbers

Good Credit -in numbers

The number of Credit Unions in Poland is decreasing year by year. Smaller cash registers are absorbed by larger ones, while others fail and are taken over by banks.

Some Credit Unions disappeared from the market, while others developed and opened new branches again.



113 Credit Unions operated and the total number of branches was 928.


70 Credit Unions operated, the number of branches was 1 586

YEAR 2017

The number of credit unions was only 35 and the number of branches 1021.

The number of members is nearly 1.9 million.

Deposits USD 10.6 billion.

Loans granted USD 7.3 billion

As can be seen, the trend is downward.

Bankruptcy and bankruptcy

In the last few years, Cooperative Credit Unions have not had a good reputation in the media, but they have earned it themselves. From 2014 until the end of 2017 11 credit unions went bankrupt. One large tsunami swept away several Good Credits from the market. It turns out that they were poorly managed, in addition, the media reported many scams that took place there.

Bankruptcy of the Credit Union does not affect credits and loans taken by members of the Credit Union, and repayment of loans and credits takes place on the same basis.

Is our money safe

Is our money safe

If our savings do not exceed the equivalent of USD 100,000, they are safe.

We set up a deposit in Good Credit and pay our life savings there, because we want to earn extra on interest.

One morning, with morning coffee, we hear in the news that the Savings Bank collapsed. And what? We probably have heart palpitations, because we paid our savings there earlier.

But take it easy.

The funds accumulated in the Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions were covered by the statutory guarantee system by the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG). The funds are covered by the guarantee at the cash register up to the equivalent of USD 100,000 – in full.